A successful surveillance system is not limited to good surveillance cameras only, no matter how many possibilities it can not be completed without intelligent programs are programmed to get the highest degree of excellence in the field of surveillance and protection.

1. Recording software: Called the friend of the researcher, a program that organizes the recorded files that surveillance cameras filmed and archives files on the basis of date and time, which facilitates the search for any video at high speed and many DVR devices do this feature automatically.

2. Motion Detection Support: Motion Detection software, which detects any change in the image, as soon as any change occurs in the image as a result of any movement, the program monitors and sends an e-mail message to the Internet to alert the movement in place

3. PROTECTION WALL: This is a special program for surveillance cameras and surveillance systems to prevent piracy or hacking on the system.

4. VIEW ME Live View: This program is downloaded mostly on mobile phones and can be monitored using mobile and online, after subscribing to static ip service

5. Automatic Image Adjustment Program: This program is characterized by its ability to adjust the lighting and increase the purity and clarity of the image, and even focus on numbers and letters