Internet networks

Brief definition of networks:


Networks are mean of connected different types of devices, and allow connected different types of systems and securing their communications while serving the public interest. As such having network connects computers allow opportunity to exchange data and work easily and flexibly, saving effort and paper reports. And having network connects branches of companies and institutions it gives customers and clients the freedom of movement between different branches and reduces access difficulty of a place for a service which can get from a nearby sites of house or work.


Why Security Instrument institution decided to implement projects of infrastructure for computer networks

Professional Dimension institution proud distinctively to implement projects of infrastructure for computer networks through a dedicated teams which perform all the tasks carefully and Successfully.

Types of computer networks


Local Area Network

This type of network connected limited areas such as an office, house, or small institution by Internal network system through a  Switcher, where this network gives an environment of exchange data locally by connect computers and receive written notes through the network and access the required computer so it can sharing files without flash memory or CD for sending copy of the files to the selected receiver. Each device connected is given an IP address, This address is not required being licensed because it using locally and anonymously, which is not conflicting with any device outside the network because there is no connection between them.


Wide Area Network

It’s a network extending outside which is a groups of  Local Area Network connected by routers with the outside world, where you can browsing Internet and communicating other outside networks. These networks exist in airports, companies and their branches across continents and others. With the global connection you can sharing network contents within Internet by subscriptions paid to the service providers as well as through the booking of web addresses that have become part of the reserved addresses for public use. This network covers large areas.